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Dovid Bender dovid at telecurve.com
Sun Jul 3 12:32:15 EDT 2022

I see you have Bandwdith there. As an FYI when you *send* calls via
BandWidth if you send the identity header with compact SIP headers they
drop it. This is a known issue by them that they are working on.

On Sun, Jul 3, 2022 at 11:13 AM David Frankel <dfrankel at zipdx.com> wrote:

> Last week I was forwarded a note from this list regarding tools to test and
> debug SHAKEN Identity headers. That prompted us to stitch together some
> modules we already had in an attempt to help.
> What we have is at http://identity.legalcallsonly.org. You can call one of
> the test numbers listed on that page, and if we receive your header, we'll
> read you a six-digit code. Disconnect and then plug the code into the box
> on
> the web form, and we'll show you details of that Identity header.
> Perhaps most importantly, you'll be able to see if the header we received
> is
> the one you sent. In addition, we parse the header and try to tell you if
> it
> is correctly formatted and valid.
> Currently we have a couple of geographic DIDs and three toll-free numbers
> (each using different underlying providers). So far we aren't having a lot
> of success getting the Identity headers on the TFNs; we're working to
> improve that.
> Suggestions welcome. We hope the tool provokes more discussion about best
> practices regarding making the Authentication Framework as functional and
> useful as possible.
> Happy 4th of July!
> David Frankel
> St. George, UT USA
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