[VoiceOps] Calls coming up as spam on mobile carriers

Dovid Bender dovid at telecurve.com
Fri Jul 8 13:14:26 EDT 2022

We have found that a lot of people if they don't know who is calling will
simply mark it as spam. If they make enough calls they are certain to upset
enough people that will say it's spam when it's not. We have a client that
manages properties and they call people to pay rent. It seems people that
don't want to pay their rent and just mark the calls as spam.

On Fri, Jul 8, 2022 at 1:08 PM Shawn L <shawn at rmrf.us> wrote:

> We're having a strange one at $dayjob.  When one of our customers (in this
> case a hospital) calls a patient back on a cell phone, the calls are coming
> up with SPAM? in the caller id.  It seems to be happening with both Verizon
> and AT&T.
> We've checked the the DIDs in question have and are sending the proper
> caller id, checked the Neustar database, etc. and can't find anything
> that's missing.  These are TDM calls.  They come in over multiple TDM PRIs
> and leave toward an AT&T tandem on a legacy TDM trunk group, so there's
> really no way to do STIR/SHAKEN call attesting.
> Our switch vendor (Ribbon / Genband / Nortel)  also mentioned that they've
> had other clients with the issue and it seems to be limited to calls placed
> to mobile carriers.  Another telco was able to find an AT&T portal to
> register the numbers as legitimate, but it only lasted for about a month
> before they had to do it again.
> I haven't researched where at AT&T they might have entered the numbers,
> but that doesn't seem like a valid option for a hospital with a thousand
> numbers.
> Just wondering if others have seen this, and if anyone knows of a way to
> resolve it.
> thanks
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