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Mary Lou Carey marylou at backuptelecom.com
Tue Jul 19 18:30:13 EDT 2022

I think you need to think of it in terms of it being like 911. "Do I 
want to chance getting sued and possibly put out of business because of 
that one person who killed themselves after they tried dialing 988 and 
couldn't get through?" Pick your battles.....but this isn't a good one 
to pick.

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On 2022-07-19 04:56 PM, Alex Balashov via VoiceOps wrote:
>> On Jul 19, 2022, at 2:23 PM, Hunter Fuller <hf0002+nanog at uah.edu> 
>> wrote:
>> All anyone can tell me on this list is "because there is no point,"
>> "because it is antiquated," etc. - but the proposed alternative would
>> literally cost my organization time and therefore money to accomplish,
>> and provide an arguably worse UX for long-time users. So I am still
>> kinda hoping someone can tell me what would be so great about the
>> changeover, aside from allowing people to call 988 faster.
> There’s nothing great about the changeover. It sucks. Don’t follow the 
> herd.
> — Alex

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