[VoiceOps] 9-8-8 dialing when an outside line access code (9) is being used

Nathan Anderson nathana at fsr.com
Wed Jul 20 07:47:18 EDT 2022

I have never heard of this.  What LATA are you in?  Can you give an example NPA where you know this to be the case?

As a consumer, if I were subscribed to ILEC without bundled long-distance, I would find such an arrangement both confusing and infuriating.  Especially with near-universal mandatory 10-digit dialing.  So you're saying that I can dial two numbers within the same area code the exact same way, but one destination is charged as a local call and the other as long-distance?  What if I fat-fingered something while dialing (intending to dial a local destination but being off by one digit in the NXX) & the call connected?  What if I was simply unaware that a given destination was long-distance?  This sounds like a terrible idea all the way around.

Was this also the case back when 7-digit dialing was still possible?  You could reach a long-distance destination within your same NPA by only dialing 7 digits?

-- Nathan

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NA> This convention is handy for those who still get charged for
NA> long-distance, as you can't accidentally dial long-distance unknowingly
NA> and get surprised by extra charges:

except thsat it is 10 for the same npa and 11 for other npas, irreguardless
of whether the call costs anything.

at least in the npas w/ which i am familiar.

so the 10 instead of 11 provides no value.

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