[VoiceOps] 9-8-8 dialing when an outside line access code (9) is being used

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It turns out the FCC has already covered this in their rulemaking for 9-8-8<https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2020/09/16/2020-16908/implementation-of-the-national-suicide-hotline-improvement-act-of-2018>.

“We decline to adopt a proposal to require multi-line telephone systems (MLTS) to allow callers to reach the Lifeline by dialing 988 and no other digits.” (I believe that “allow” in the quote above should really be “require”.)

They go on to explain that they are given the authority to require this for 9-1-1 by Kari’s Law, but that they lack a similar authority with regard to 9-8-8.

So, while it is not required for MLTS to support both 9-988 and 988. I still feel that it is a good idea to do so if feasible.

David Zilk

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It shouldn't be much different than 911.  9911 and 911 can both work just as 9988 and 988 can both work fine with most any PBX that can translate dial plan digits.

There is potential conflict with systems that can't handle inter-digit timeouts to allow both 988 and 9888-555-1212, I guess.  But in that case I suppose the expectation would be to dial 9988 and 9911 already..

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How are folks dealing with allowing calls to 9-8-8 when an access code of 9 is used. Does this not cause a conflict when calling toll free numbers beginning with an NPA of 88x?

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