[VoiceOps] [EXTERNAL] Re: Mailman 'Reply-To' munging (was: Re: 9-8-8 dialing [...])

Hiers, David David.Hiers at cdk.com
Wed Jul 20 11:46:14 EDT 2022

Well, let’s give it a whirl and see what happens.

I’ll let everyone know when the change has been made.



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Odd recommendation.  I've never been on a list with this behavior.  (Or more precisely, not since the 90s when bandwidth mattered and everyone was trying to conserve it and reduce "fluff.) Since I'm on two other busy Mailman lists that have the reply-to-list behavior, I can say I've seen it work fine.

And just now, I almost hit send before changing who I'm replying to.  I'd appreciate the change.

On Wed, Jul 20, 2022 at 7:56 AM Hiers, David <David.Hiers at cdk.com<mailto:David.Hiers at cdk.com>> wrote:
I’m not aware of any recent changes to the list config, but I’ll check.

The current “reply-to” behavior is the one generally recommended by the Mailman docs, which warn of weird email client behavior if you mess around with it.  I’m not beyond messing around with it, just don’t want to make things worse.



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If I do a reply on this list, it always puts the sender as the recipient, not the list.  This is remarkably stupid.  If I do a reply-all then it puts the list on CC and the sender in TO.

On Tue, Jul 19, 2022 at 1:03 AM Nathan Anderson via VoiceOps <voiceops at voiceops.org<mailto:voiceops at voiceops.org>> wrote:
Nathan Anderson wrote:

> (Quick off-topic note: did some setting on VoiceOps mailman get changed
> halfway through the morning?  "From:" now shows voiceops list address
> instead of original sender's -- which I'm fine with -- but then
> "Reply-To" is getting added and set to sender.  So I now have to add
> voiceops address to "To:" or "CC:" manually if I want my reply to go to
> the list.  Not cool.)



Sounds to me like 'from_is_list' now == 'munged', and this is how Outlook
behaves in this situation.


-- Nathan

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