[VoiceOps] Mailman 'Reply-To' munging (was: Re: 9-8-8 dialing [...])

Nathan Anderson nathana at fsr.com
Wed Jul 20 07:18:53 EDT 2022

What mail client are you using?


Prior to Monday afternoon, "Sender" was voiceops-bounces@ (as it still is),
"From" was the actual sender, "To" was (as you'd expect) voiceops@, and
"Reply-To" was not set (unless perhaps the sender set it in their mail client?
not sure if that was getting preserved or stripped).


In this configuration, Outlook would reply to the sender if I hit Reply, or to
both the sender AND the list if I Reply To All.  Okay, fine.  At least there is
a one-button solution to auto-filling the list as one of the destination


Since Monday afternoon, though, "From" is now getting overwritten to voiceops@,
and "Reply-To" is being set to the original sender.  A sign that "Reply-To 
munging" is occuring.


In this configuration, as described in the post I linked to earlier, Outlook
apparently honors the "Reply-To" header and *only* that header, as it doesn't
matter if I hit Reply or Reply To All: only the original sender's address gets
filled in the To field.  I have to now manually backspace that out, and replace
with the voiceops list address (assuming I even notice it and am not running on


(I suppose Outlook's behavior


From: VoiceOps [mailto:voiceops-bounces at voiceops.org] On Behalf Of Carlos
Alvarez via VoiceOps
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Subject: Re: [VoiceOps] Mailman 'Reply-To' munging (was: Re: 9-8-8 dialing


If I do a reply on this list, it always puts the sender as the recipient, not
the list.  This is remarkably stupid.  If I do a reply-all then it puts the
list on CC and the sender in TO.



On Tue, Jul 19, 2022 at 1:03 AM Nathan Anderson via VoiceOps <
voiceops at voiceops.org> wrote:

    Nathan Anderson wrote:

    > (Quick off-topic note: did some setting on VoiceOps mailman get changed
    > halfway through the morning?  "From:" now shows voiceops list address
    > instead of original sender's -- which I'm fine with -- but then
    > "Reply-To" is getting added and set to sender.  So I now have to add
    > voiceops address to "To:" or "CC:" manually if I want my reply to go to
    > the list.  Not cool.)



    Sounds to me like 'from_is_list' now == 'munged', and this is how Outlook
    behaves in this situation.


    -- Nathan

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