[VoiceOps] Anti-robocall/compliance solutions

Peter Beckman beckman at angryox.com
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How does it compare to say NomoRobo?

How much are you planning on charging for the service?

What is your false positive and false negative rate? How do you calculate

I personally would consume it as an API -- here's the number being called,
here's the CallerID, here's whatever other inputs you need, do you think it
is a robocall?

On Thu, 28 Jul 2022, Calvin Ellison via VoiceOps wrote:

> Not an ad, just context: We're offering our internal anti-robocall filter
> as a compliance solution for other transit carriers and gateway/point of
> entry carriers. This includes DNO filtering, reputation/fraud/compliance
> scoring, LNP-adjusted neighbor spoofing, and some other magic. It is
> implemented as a SIP or API endpoint that is dipped as early as possible in
> the call flow.
> Our internal tool works well for our own purposes, but that doesn't mean it
> is fit for others as-is. For example, we put all the data in a search index
> to perform ad-hoc queries, create visualizations, and build dashboards. Is
> that useful to anyone else? Would other carriers prefer file-based reports
> sent by email or alerts via webhook, or want the data sent to their own
> backend? What would others expect from a user interface? Does anyone care
> what technologies are used internally? What about latency, pricing, and
> on-premise versus cloud? The list goes on. There's plenty of information
> online about product design in general, but not so much about what transit
> carriers actually need or want from a product like this.
> I'd especially like to hear from anyone that is still shopping for a
> solution, doesn't like the one they chose, or absolutely loves theirs and
> wants to share the reasons why.
> If anyone is interested in beta-testing our existing in-house solution to
> give feedback, please contact me off-list.
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