[VoiceOps] Help Requested: E.123 Intl Formatting in Google libphonenumber

Peter Beckman beckman at angryox.com
Wed Mar 2 14:55:40 EST 2022

Hey all --

I hope and trust that most of you are fans of standards.

I need some help convincing Google's libphonenumber team to follow the
published ITU E.123 Number Formatting standard for +1 NANPA, Ecuador, and

tl;dr -- Please comment in support here:


Long Version:

I love standards. They are often unambiguous and organize all of us around
a common understanding of how we are going to interoperate. Everything we
do in our daily work can be tied back to a standard:

     - TCP/IP, hell the whole OSI Model
     - SIP, RTP
     - ITU E.164, E.123, SS7, ISDN, DSL
     - DNS, Email, TLS/SSL

It seems weird that an International company like Google, who practically
exists ONLY BECAUSE these standards existed for Google to emerge from, is
being picky about implementing a phone number formatting standard published
in 2008.

The crux:
     168 countries use spaces in their International Format
       2 countries outside of +1 NANPA, Ecuador and Argentina have dashes
      25 countries in +1 NANPA all use +1 NPA-NXX-XXXX as the International

ITU E.123 states in 9.1:

     Only spaces should be used in an international number.

Thus the correct output would be '+1 NPA NXX XXXX' for the INTERNATIONAL

I'm all for using (NPA) NXX-XXXX or NPA-NXX-XXXX for any of the other

I'm just trying to get support from the community to get rid of Dashes
entirely in the INTERNATIONAL Format of phone numbers.

Your support and comment is appreciated.

Peter Beckman                                                  Internet Guy
beckman at angryox.com                                https://www.angryox.com/

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