[VoiceOps] Mitel 3300 Issues

Mike Hammett voiceops at ics-il.net
Mon Mar 14 16:50:54 EDT 2022

A customer of mine has a Mitel 3300 PBX. We deliver to them analog lines. 

Everything worked fine for months, if not years. Then one day they say they can't receive inbound calls. They can still place outbound calls. 

They're on a Grandstream HT818 ATA. I move some lines to the Zhone ONT that's on-site. No improvement. 

I plug in a normal analog handset from Walmart or Menards. They all ring and answer just fine. 

I plugged in a patch cable from their Mitel ONS2 to the analog trunk 5 and they set up an extension on that ONS2 so that a call to it would trigger an inbound call on their analog line. Apparently that worked. 

The Mitel support agent is saying that we're not sending them between 24v - 48v. 

All cables are 6' at most. 

A) I don't see anywhere to configure voltage on either platform. 
B) I don't know how it could work and then just stop, other than equipment failure. 
C) I don't know how it would work just fine on a COTS phone, but not their Mitel. 
D) I don't know how the same problem could also afflict another ATA (build into the ONT). 

Any tips? 

Mike Hammett 
Intelligent Computing Solutions 

Midwest Internet Exchange 

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