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Mike Johnston mjohnston at wiktel.com
Mon Aug 21 23:03:36 EDT 2023

On 2023-08-21 17:16, Mike Hammett via VoiceOps wrote:
> We've come across some legacy customers that have directory listings 
> through us (or, well, at least we're paying Frontier for them).
>  1. Are those a thing in the VoIP space? Can I go to {insert SIP
>     provider here} and they can place directory listings, unpublish
>     numbers, etc.?
I don't know.  But, see also: whatever 411 is/does/used to be.

>  1. Are directories a thing anywhere anymore? I haven't seen a new one
>     in probably 15 years. I understand that I'm not the target
>     demographic, but I'm not even sure where I'd go (short of
>     Googling) to get one. Are we paying for something that has no
>     benefit anymore?
My employer has published a phone book every year for many decades.  
It's fun to look through old ones to find your childhood phone number, 
relatives, businesses that used to exist, etc. Every year they put a few 
pictures of employees around the book, which is fun for us.  Well, 
unless a full color photo of you doing "work" in a CO is featured on the 
back cover.  I've heard talk that the last one they published, might be 
the last.  Or maybe it won't be /every/ year any more.

I use mine at least weekly.  But I'm also referencing information other 
than phone numbers.  For example, we have a few pages discussing our * 
codes, with a handy table.

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