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Mary Lou Carey marylou at backuptelecom.com
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This is the link to sign up.


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On 2023-01-31 11:02 AM, Pinchas Neiman wrote:
> Link? for helpdesk?
> here it says some other requirements
> https://numberportability.com/transition/service-providers/
> To register as a Service Provider, you must have an Operating Company
> Number (OCN) issued from the National Exchange Carrier Association
> (NECA), hold Operating Authority, Certificate of Public Convenience
> and Necessity (CPCN), Radio License or VoIP Proof of Numbering and
> participate in porting numbers. If you meet the Service Provider
> criteria, there is a three-step registration process:
> On Tue, Jan 31, 2023 at 11:53 AM Mary Lou Carey via VoiceOps
> <voiceops at voiceops.org> wrote:
>> If you are a carrier you can sign up for the NPAC Helpdesk (online)
>> for
>> free, but you do need to provide proof of liability and workers comp
>> insurance. The contact information for each carrier is noted in the
>> contact section of the bulletin board.
>> BackUP Telecom Consulting
>> Office: 615-791-9969
>> Cell: 615-796-1111
>> On 2023-01-27 07:30 PM, Nathan Anderson via VoiceOps wrote:
>>> Hey all,
>>> As someone who still relies wholly on CLEC partners for TDM-to-IP
>> &
>>> numbering resources, and thus has no access to NPAC, how would one
>>> hunt down contact information for a telecom's porting department,
>> if
>>> it was not published anywhere on their public web site?
>>> Rumor has it that NPAC has a list of contact info for all
>>> participating entities...is that the only centralized list of its
>>> kind?  Also, would any telecoms without their own numbering
>> resources
>>> be listed in there?
>>> Reason for question is that we are beating our head into a brick
>> wall
>>> trying to port some numbers currently attached to analog landlines
>>> over for a new sub.  The billing entity seems to just be a
>> reseller as
>>> far as I can tell, as LRN lookup for all numbers show the local
>> ILEC,
>>> and I can't find any sign that this entity has any numbers or even
>> an
>>> OCN to their name (though I also do not have copy of LERG to
>> check,
>>> either).  Porting dept. for winning carrier is submitting LSR to
>> the
>>> ILEC, not the reseller, and naturally getting a slew of rejections
>>> back.
>>> The one contact that the end-user has for this reseller has not
>> been
>>> super-helpful.  They insist that the winning carrier needs to
>> "reach
>>> out to [our] port team to coordinate" but when I ask for contact
>>> details, I'm told he doesn't have them to share & that the
>> "porting
>>> department of the new carrier should be aware of the process".
>>> Oh really?  And how exactly are they supposed to find the contact
>>> information for your ports people?
>>> Just in case (as I suspect) they don't already have it at their
>>> fingertips, I'd like to find and share this contact info with our
>>> underlying carrier in order to help grease the wheels and avoid
>> any
>>> further delays.
>>> Thanks,
>>> -- Nathan
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