[VoiceOps] TF number ported out/re-assigned without authorization

Carlos Alvarez caalvarez at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 12:45:28 EDT 2023

This is a huge problem, so while I’m waiting for thinQ to tell me what they
can do, I thought I’d check with my other resources.  They gave us a small
block of TF numbers some time back, and we assigned them to one customer.
We tested them in March of 2022.  One of them was not put into use as it
was for a pre-planned project this year; the customer needed to physically
publish the number on posters, via letters, and by email.  Now it’s time to
start the project, and we find out that the number has been given to
Telnyx.  We were told by thinQ that it was part of a bad inventory load,
but that can’t be possible since it did work.  And we also have working
numbers from the same batch (for now…that’s worrisome too).

Currently the number goes to a fax tone, and we don’t know who owns it.  I
have not tried sending a fax.  I’m not sure how I’d start that conversation.

This seems like a massive failing on thinQ’s part.  The end user is a
regional government authority that has spread the number far and wide.  In
fact if you google the number, you get the government agency’s info.  What
can we force them to do?  The project was to go live on Monday.
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