[VoiceOps] 911 Records of Inbound-Only TNs

Mike Johnston mjohnston at wiktel.com
Tue Mar 21 14:47:24 EDT 2023

A maybe simpler example to what you are asking would be TEEN lines, 
where calling the TEEN number makes the parent station ring with a 
distinctive pattern.  The subscriber has no way of making an outbound 
call with that TEEN number.  Should we bother setting up a 911 record 
for that TEEN number?  You could argue either way.  If systems are 
automated and storing the extra records has little to no costs, then 
might as well create a 911 record for it.

We have some numbers where it's hard to determine what the 911 location 
would even be.  For example, a DN you call that just reads you back what 
phone number you are calling from.  The address of the building that has 
that server?  But that number will never call me back, and will 
certainly never call 911.  It sounds defensible to not create a 911 
record for a number like that.

Remote Call Forwarding numbers would be another example.  All they ever 
do is forward a call to another pre-determined number.

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