[VoiceOps] 911 Records of Inbound-Only TNs

Paul Timmins ptimmins at clearrate.com
Tue Mar 21 15:16:43 EDT 2023

I'd say that the only way it will come up is if someone calls 911 and there's no record found or a misroute.

If there's no possible way to call out from that number to 911, then there's no need to place a 911 record in the databases.

There will never be an audit that tries to check every number someone has to see if it has a 911 record, because vast amounts of customer number types have no discernable 911 address or meaningful way to process a 911 call, and depending on the technology, what instead will happen is a real time call positioning system synthesizes a record, assigns a pANI, and forwards a call to the PSAP with it, so no real database ever existed for nomadic voip calls like that, and never would. Mobile works this way, and some nomadic voip systems do too.


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Are you setting up 911 records for all numbers assigned to customers or just ones that would be dialing out?

We pull customer numbers all of the time that served no original purpose other than for a legacy operator that needed to put a phone number on every line a customer had. We keep them because people likely saved those ancillary numbers in their contact lists, and it's just easier to port it than to fight "Billy can't reach me because he saved an old number that YOU canceled" tickets. However, no one will ever call out of that number - it's inbound only. We're trying to figure out what to do with all of those numbers from a 911 perspective. If no one would ever call out of that number, there's no technical need to have it. I'm not sure what would legally or best practices required of it.

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