[VoiceOps] How to port out a google voice number from a locked Gmail account

Pinchas Neiman neimanpinchas at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 15:32:47 EDT 2023


My sister asked me where I could help her with the following situation.

She ported her landline phone to google voice a few years ago, and
forwarded it to a cell phone, as well as provided the google voice number
as the account recovery phone number.

Some time in between (that was long before COVID, she lost access to the
google account in questions, when some is try to log in google says that we
locked your account due to suspicious activity, although the username and
password are correct (and the same computer is being used) its  asking to
receive a SMS on the recovery number==the google voice number locked within
the account.

Basically left the keys in the car..

Although Google does not have a process to restore such an account, I am
thinking since this number came originally from a landline and the bills
are still available, if it's possible to force Google to port out the
number against their policy through some legal process.

What would be the process, if any

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