[VoiceOps] NRUF 502

Mike Hammett voiceops at ics-il.net
Mon Jan 22 19:11:06 EST 2024

I'm just learning about NRUF 502. 

As I read the documentation (and some Googling): 

Every phone number in the blocks I have are either Assigned, Intermediate, Reserved, Aging, or Administrative. 
Ported out numbers count as assigned. 
Returned ported numbers are available. 
I do this for blocks that I got from NANPA. 
I do not do it for ported numbers. 

I'm supposed to be able to tell in Neustar SOA what numbers have disconnected. I've reached out to them to figure out how to do that. I couldn't find documentation that was direct enough for me to know it was the right thing. 

Mike Hammett 
Intelligent Computing Solutions 

Midwest Internet Exchange 

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