[VoiceOps] Dinstar SS7 Media Gateway

Dylan Cruz admin at dc4.us
Wed Jan 31 23:20:12 EST 2024

Anyone here have experience with Dinstar Media Gateways (Either the MTG1000, MTG2000 or MTG3000?)

(See: https://www.dinstar.com/digital-voip-gateway/mtg3000)

I'm trying to find a cost effective high-density media gateway that supports ISUP interworking (E.g Q.1912.5) like how the Sonus & Telcobridges units does.

Having Q.1912.5 or equivalent interworking is a requirement for the project I'm working on. (Full ISUP control needed on the IP side)

My requirement is at least 1 DS3 however I would like to have the unit support 2 or 3 DS3s for expansion purposes.

Let me know of any suggestions that are both cost-effective, high-density and have a decent ISUP interworking implementation (Also 48VDC is a requirement as well, NEBS is a plus but not needed fortunately)

Thanks much,

Dylan Cruz

(407) 999-0000
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