[nsp] 29xx and 3COM Vlan

From: Yuriy Kuznetsov (yuriy@uni-svishtov.bg)
Date: Sat Jun 15 2002 - 04:42:13 EDT

I have problems with C2924 and 3COM (3300) 802.1q trunk.
Cisco vlan 3 have SAID is 100003 but 3com 802.1Q VLAN ID not support
that big number... I reduce number into Cisco, make vlan with same name
ID into 3com add port to this vlan but no effect:( pc connected to this
port (vlan3 3com) do not
see PC into Cisco vlan3, but see pc into Cisco vlan1 (Cisco default
vlan).... Where is my mistake?

I know that is not exactly Cisco question, but end point switches in my
network are 3com:(


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