RE: [nsp] 12.0.12S experiences?

From: Marcio Pilotto (
Date: Tue Sep 26 2000 - 08:08:24 EDT

Does anyone have experiences with 12.0.12S on GSR12012?
12.0.11S3 has some very small problems, some crazy voltage warning messages.

I wonder to know if the 12.0.12S is stable on GSR.

Marcio Pilotto

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STM-1 bug may be bad for software upgrades/downgrades. Also, 12.0S still
has the cef-layer subif bug. It is fixed in 12.0.12(6) and 12.0.13(1).

No other issues that I know of.


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> I've been testing 12.0.12S in the lab on some 7507's, and
> haven't run into
> any real problems yet (except for a cosmetic bug where it insists on
> having STM-1 for ATM interfaces).
> Was hoping I could get feedback from anyone who is using this in
> production and any good/bad experiences they've had. If
> there were bad
> experiences, what versions did you wind up downgrading to?
> Thanks much.
> -Ron Lewkiewicz

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