RE: (nsp) IOS 12.0(15)S: Any Feedback on dCEF/CEF/VIP's on 75xx

From: Christian Panigl, ACOnet/VIX/UniVie (
Date: Fri Mar 16 2001 - 04:00:16 EST

    Bad news again:

    We found out that we were getting more and more routing problems with
    12.0(15)S1 and dCEF enabled:
    various withdrawn routes (static and BGP) are not properly removed from
    CEF/FIB with the effect, that traceroutes from the router itself are
    taking the proper path but switched/forwarded packets are still taking
    the withdrawn path. And I didn't find any other way than reloading the
    box to clear this problem.
    For the CEF problems with "removed statics" I found CSCuk21661 but
    didn't find anything about the "withdrawn BGPs".
    On TAC recommendation we now switched to 12.1(7) and we've got an RSP8
    from our supplier in case we finally have to disable dCEF again.
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