Re: (nsp) IOS 12.0(15)S: Any Feedback on dCEF/CEF/VIP's on 75xx

From: Simon Leinen (
Date: Fri Mar 16 2001 - 16:17:15 EST

>>>>> "cpa" == Christian Panigl, ACOnet/VIX/UniVie <> writes:
> Bad news again:
> We found out that we were getting more and more routing problems
> with 12.0(15)S1 and dCEF enabled:
> various withdrawn routes (static and BGP) are not properly
> removed from CEF/FIB with the effect, that traceroutes from the
> router itself are taking the proper path but switched/forwarded
> packets are still taking the withdrawn path. And I didn't find
> any other way than reloading the box to clear this problem.

Yup, we have seen something like this too. We noticed it with the
default route in particular - we have partial routing and point
default towards our two US PoPs; when one of the tarnsatlantic links
fails, some traffic ends up in loops because of these entries.

I found that I could get the stale entries removed from the FIB by
asserting and then retiring a static route as in

foo(config)#ip route POS1/0
foo(config)#no ip route POS1/0

> On TAC recommendation we now switched to 12.1(7) and we've got
> an RSP8 from our supplier in case we finally have to disable
> dCEF again.

Maybe I should try that too.

Simon Leinen	

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