[nsp] 65xx sup1a feature cards

From: Martin Picard (mpicard@sinc.ca)
Date: Tue Apr 03 2001 - 15:03:29 EDT


  Anybody knows what's the story behind the feature cards
  of the 65xx ???

  I have two switches: both with sup1a engines same hw & fw.

  Both have MSFC2 installed. One came with the MSFC and
  the other one did not....I know I should not have done that....
  but I didn't know before hand....just found out...and now would
  like just to understand a little better ;-)

  With "show mod" I can see that the one shipped with the
  MSFC has "L3 Switching Engine WS-F6K-PFC"
  but the other one has "L2 Switching Engine II WS-F6020A"

  Are these real physical feature cards or just software in chips ???
  Is this WS-F6020A the reason for not supporting the MSFCs on
  the sup1A.....

  Again, I'm just trying to understand why two very similar blades (sup1a)
  with same hw, fw, and sw react differently. Also, I haven't checked
  myself but was told that physically no difference could be noticed !!!


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