[alcatel-nsp] Alcatel 6400/6850/GPON ISAM questions

Adam Armstrong lists at memetic.org
Wed Apr 6 04:16:48 EDT 2011

On 05/04/2011 21:39, JOHNSON, ALASTAIR (ALASTAIR) wrote:
> Hi Adam,
> There's multiple approaches to ONT provisioning on the GPON platforms, typically either pre-provisioning (based on ONT serial number) or reactive provisioning (based on the OLT detecting the ONT on the network).
> Once the ONT is provisioned onto the network with location and capabilities, you then provision ports and services. The 5520 AMS makes all of this relatively straight forward.
Forgive me if I trust your opinion on this as much as trust Cisco's 
opinion on how good ISC and Ciscoworks is.

I was hoping for real-world experiences from customers :)


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