[alcatel-nsp] Rancid and Alcatel 7750 devices

Chance Delome cdelome at lus.org
Wed Feb 16 13:49:16 EST 2011

Posting this to this group as well concerning RANCID and 7750 devices.

I’ve edited the last few lines of alurancid to see more of the last entries:

if (!$clean_run || !$found_end) {
        print STDOUT "$host: End of run not found  prompt was $prompt \n";
        printf(STDERR "$host: clean_run $clean_run\n") if ($debug);
        printf(STDERR "$host: found_end $found_end\n") if ($debug);
        print STDERR "$host: End of run not found \n" if ($debug);
        #system("/usr/bin/tail -1 $host.new");
        system("/usr/bin/tail -3 $host.new");

This is the output from the log: End of run not found

Last Boot Env Sync Time      : 02/03/2011 02:57:08                             
!A:LFTHEDDR01#logout Connection closed by foreign host.

All commands are being executed as “Last Boot Env Sync Time “ is from show redundancy sync.

>From what I can tell regarding the difference between a 7450 logout and a 7750 logout.

The 7750 stays on the same line  A:LFTHEDDR01#logout Connection closed by foreign host.

The 7450 generates a new line   *A:LFTHEDSW1# logout 
                                  Connection to closed.

Nick’s version of aluRancid has no problems running on 7450s as it runs brillitantly.



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I posted this to the RANCID mailing list a few weeks ago, but I
thought it'd be useful to post here as well.  I cobbled together (with
input from many others) a working RANCID login/script for the ALU 7750
series equipment for the annual SuperComputing conference.  You can
download the scripts here if you're interested:

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