[alcatel-nsp] SR/SAS (TiMOS) Devices Integration with an Open Source TACACS+ / RADIUS Server

Bartlomiej Kos Bartlomiej.Kos at netia.pl
Mon Jul 14 06:39:54 EDT 2014

Dear All,

I would like to ask you if you have any materials concerning TiMOS -- 
TACACS+ (I am using the 'tacacs+' package from a standard Debian Package 
Repository) integration available? I have already managed to get some 
basic AAA working between those two (authentication, accounting, 
permission/denial of issuing certain commands), but would like to get as 
much as possible from the system. I realise that many of the configuration 
options etc. are Cisco-only (e.g. the privilege level), but if I had some 
reference materials detailing TiMOS TACACS+ feature list, maybe I could 
make it outperform my current present.

Also, I would also be interested in any data concerning RADIUS integration 
(ALU AVPs, etc.).

I am willing to share the current and future accomplishments of the 
project if you are interested.

Best Regards -
Bartlomiej Kos
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