Brian Carling (Radio G3XLQ / AF4K) bry at MNSINC.COM
Sat Apr 19 03:07:51 EDT 1997

On 18 Apr 97 at 6:40, William L. Fuqua III spoke about BEAM FILTER
and said:

>   Anyone use a "BEAM FILTER" for CW.
> Bill wa4lav

No - what exactly is that?

>    PS. Have not received any thing from the listserver sense
> 1:00 PM yesterday.
>   William L. Fuqua III

Hmmm, it's working here - a bit slow, but working!!

I am planning to re-arrange the shack this weekend - get the
computers on one table, and the ham rigs on another(!)
Should reduce the clutter and the RF noises! ALso going to wire
up the mercury wetted relay that was donated to my station so that I
can key all of the QRO and QRP boatanchors and glowbug TXes with my
little CMOS keyer... NOW if I could just stop the little sucker from
getting RESET by static electricity in the winter months....

73 to all - Bry, AF4K
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