FS: Hammarlund Super Pro SP-400X (REVISED)

Keith Heitzmann kk5fe at COMMUNIQUE.NET
Sun Nov 23 12:44:57 EST 1997

Ok guy's. I see that a "make offer" is not taken seriously. So I will sell
the radio, original power supply and cabinet for $150.00, plus shipping.
Let me know if still interested.
Keith KK5FE

I have a Hammarlund Super Pro SP-400x that is the commercial version for sale.
It has the original power supply and black crinkle cabinet. The cabinet is
in very good cosmetic shape, there are three unoriginal holes on the back
near the bottom.
The front panel would have been in very good shape also, but has five
unoriginal holes that I put matching screws into. Has all the knobs. The
insulated part of the phasing shaft is missing, but I have the knob.
Now for the rest of the story, this radio works but not very well. It has
been heavily modified. All the tubes in the "if" section has been changed
to miniatures. The good part is the chassis was not touched, whoever did
the mods used hole adapters for the miniature tube sockets. There are some
other mods, but I have no documentation on any of it.

By the way you can see a picture of it on my web site, or go directly to
the picture by typing this:


 Remember this is a heavy radio. The power supply is about 30 - 35 pounds
and the
radio is about 50.
This is coming from zip 70435

Thanks for reading,
Keith  KK5FE

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