CTCSS tones

Eric A. Jones eaj at HIWAAY.NET
Thu Oct 2 22:35:51 EDT 1997

from eaj at hiwaay.net

        Dear Matt et al:  The way this is normally done is with a thumb-sized
oscillator card whose output is coupled into the modulator section of the
xmtr.  It runs off the battery, and operates continuously as you xmit.  I
don't know if our repeater would drop out if the tone stopped, but you
would certainly have to xmit it each time you keyed up, or the repeater
will pretend you're not there.
        Another problem is that excessive tone injection will over-modulate your
output, and put you outside the pass-band of the repeater's receiver, again
eliciting the pretense you don't exist.  You can only set the level using a
good deviation meter, and then only if the radio is otherwise working as
the repeater wants.  Fortunately, most of even the older s-s radios have
adjustable deviation that can be narrowed down to what the current
incarnation of repeaters likes.
        I use the cards sold by Communications Specialists of Orange, CA,
1-800-854-0547.  Call for a catalog; there are several models of varying
utility, all reasonably priced.
        73 de N4TGC -- no connection to Com. Spec.

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