Tempo 1 and CTCSS tones?

Eugene Balinski eugeneb at NNI.COM
Thu Oct 2 23:08:35 EDT 1997

At 01:57 PM 10/2/97 -0700, Matthew Erickson wrote:
>Hi All!
>I have an old Tempo 1 Handi-Talkie and it does not have provisions
>for the CTCSS tones required to access today's 2-meter repeaters.
>However, I have acquired a computer program which will create, using
>the Sound card, all the CTCSS tones one could ever use.
>Is there a more-or-less feasable way to couple the tones from my
>computer Sound card into the HT so those CTCSS tones will provide
>repeater access? Yes, it would destroy portability of the HT; but, right
>now it's useless, anyway.
>If this can be done, for how long are the tones transmitted? One
>second, or what? I assume the tones have to be sent each time
>you key the HT.
>Anything else I might need to know to pull this off?
>Many thanks for info.
>Rev. Allen
>de:   Allen, KJ6XH      (Kind-a Junky 6 X-rated Hotel)
>         and Matthew
>          mattall at speedlink.com   or mattall at juno.com
>                          BOATANCHORS  LIVE!!!

   CTCSS stands for Continuously Transmitted Coded Squelch System
therefor, the tones are transmitted continuously during the transmission.

You could inject the tones from your sound board into the deviation
pot wiper of you HT, but you ned to be careful about levels, impedance,
etc.  An easier way would be to go to a local ham radio store and buy
a miniture CTCSS board from someone like Commspec. I believe that
they have units small enough to fit inside.  Check the HRO WWW page


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