Transcon 6 or 10

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Sat Sep 27 09:31:58 EDT 1997

Hi  Tom  and  the  group...In  my early  days  of  Ham radio  in Bangor
Maine  a bunch  of  guys  used  the 10 meter  version in our CD drills and
xmtr  hunts   along  with  some  guys  using  the Gonset Super 6
copnverter...We  were all  rock  bound on 29.520   CD  Fqs   The Transcom's
always  worked  well...

73's   Bob K1JNN/5

At 11:19 PM 9/26/97 -0700, Tom Clarke wrote:
>Does anyone have one of these hiding away in their collection of stuff??
>It is a transmitter and converter (clever name, eh?) designed to work
>with a car radio.  It was built in a small case about 4x5x8 and was (of
>course) all tubes.  I think it had a 5763 PA and maybe a 6AQ5 mod.  It
>was manufactured by Creative Electronics in Stamford, CT. in the 50's
>and I worked for them one summer when I was in high school.    I came
>across a schematic in my files the other day and thought that it would
>be great fun to have one again!
>I had a six meter version (paid for it out of my paycheck!) in my car
>complete with the requisite "Halo" antenna on the rear bumper!  The
>company also made a version of the Twin Noise Squelcher (TNS)to add on
>to your car radio.  The most ambitious project was a KW amplifier with
>4-400s in it. The company folded after a fairly short life.
>If nothing else it would be interesting to find out if anyone else had
>any experience with this curious little box.
>73 de Tom W4OKW ( K1AST in those days!)
>fclarke at
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