Cleaning up the basement - A few items For Sale

Don Buska d.buska at AAIATE.COM
Wed Aug 5 09:17:21 EDT 1998

Cleaning up the basement a little.  Here are a few items that I
have for sale.  Pictures are available on my website at in the For Sale / Wanted area.

National CRM Monitor Scope.  A rarity for the National collector!  This
little 1" oscilloscope (uses RCA-913 tube) dates from the 1930's.
Powered by standard 120VAC line and can monitor transmitter output with
the use of a simple pick-up coil.   It is in very good condition! I have
no manual for this unit.  $45 shipped CONUS. I just saw one of these in
the latest AWA OTB for a $150 asking price!

Superior Instruments Co. Model 670-A multimeter.  This is another rare
bird!  It is powered by the AC line (120VAC), but does not contain any
active devices, i.e. no tubes or transistors.  It does the standard VOM
type of functions volts, current and ohms, but also has two capacitance
ranges and an electrolytic leakage check function.  It has an input for
measuring DC voltages to +7500 VDC and an AC input for 3000VAC.  I don't
have the documents on this one, but it appears to be intact and does seem
to function just fine.  Physically it's in very good condition.  $30
shipped CONUS.

Heathkit UT-1 Power Supply.  This is the only one I've ever seen.  It was
sold for a short time in 1960 and was the power supply for the Heathkit
Cheyenne/Commanche (MR-1/MT-1) receiver-transmitter pair.  Specs at ICAS
6.3VAC 8A or 12.6VAC 4A, 600VDC at 250mA or 600VDC 200mA + 300VDC 100mA.
I don't have the manual!  This unit is in very good condition and a must
have [sales pitch ;)]for the Heathkit collector who has to have it all!
$45 shipped CONUS.


Don N9OO

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