Boat anchors on the qsl cards! Collins KWS1 new acq.

chouse couryhouse at AZONLINE.COM
Mon Aug 24 20:58:17 EDT 1998

We recenty got an several interesting additions for our ham radio exibit.
The first being the KWS1 transmitter. Question: is the only proper rev. for
this the 75a4, or was this transmitter around when the 75a3 was current? Also
did any stations outfit  with a 51j4 as the recv. when they purchased the
equipment new?

Next Item......
Got a massive stack of old qsl cards, many of them with awsome boat anchor
station pictures. These will make a great background. One of the funniest is
the one from
 W6SINand yes as you might assume thee are little devils and mnaked women on
What are the prices these things tend to traffic at? Need to know as we
continue to hunt more.

Thanks Ed Sharpe Archivist SMECC

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