Boatanchor Manual Archive (BAMA) Update for July 1998

Kenneth D. Grimm grimm at LYNCHBURG.NET
Sun Jul 12 12:32:18 EDT 1998

The Archive has moved to a more stable platform...I hope!  It now
resides on a big Dec Alpha box running standard Unix.  The new address
Once you are logged in, choose "boatanchor."  Then you will see the
familiar "downloads" and "uploads" directories.

While this machine is frequently busy during the day, it should provide
more reliable service than can.  Since there is an
operator on duty most of the time, I won't have to do a 30 mile round
trip to reboot every time a glitch causes something to croak.

The new BAMA site (BoatAnchor Manual Archive, cute huh?) is running the
standard Unix FTP routine, so all of the FTP programs that I am aware of
should work without any problems and so should the various web browsers.
If you have difficulties, I would like to hear from you.  However, now
that the site is on the Unix box, problems will likely have to be
resolved at your site rather than at BAMA's.  (One browser problem
solved?:  If you are using Netscape and a directory page doesn't seem to
complete after a reasonable wait, try clicking on the "STOP" button.
That will frequently allow the page to complete.)

The old site will be online for a couple of months, or at least until I
am convinced that everything is working as expected on BAMA.

Now, the really good news:

Thanks to the efforts of Norm Hall, W6JOD, we now have information on
the Multi-Elmac A-54, a bunch of Heath stuff including the DX-35 and the
schematic for the Hammarlund HQ-170.

Chris Brandt, KC2DFE, has provided the manual for the venerable old
Hammarlund HQ-129X.  Many thanks, Chris!

Good old A. Nonnie Mouse has come through again with manuals for the
Gonset twins, the G-66 receiver and the G-77 transmitter.  You are a
good man, A. Nonnie!

And lastly, Jim Clifford, KE4DSP, has come up with a basket of material
on the classic National FB-7.  Thanks very much, Jim!

I have letters out to several companies seeking copyright release.  If
the requests are granted, we will fall heir to another bunch of good
stuff.  In the meantime, keep those uploads coming!!!  A big round of
applause and hearty thanks to all of you who are making BAMA a worthwile

Tony Grimwood and yours truly still need a schematic for the
Hallicrafters SX-140.  Can anyone help us out?

Thanks again to one and all.

Ken K4XL
grimm at
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