Collins 75S-1 main dial slippage

Tom Taylor ttaylor at ADOBE.COM
Mon Nov 9 01:09:26 EST 1998

I have a 75S-1 that exhibits slippage of the main dial at a point about
in the middle of its mechanical range.

A couple of weeks ago I asked about slippage of the preselector and
received ten or twelve answers that said to adjust the set screw
at the back of the preselector shaft after removing the radio from
its cabinet. This solution worked perfectly.

Is there a similar procedure for adjusting the slip of the main frequency

By the way, I've been using the 75S-1 with a Drake 2-NT. Believe
it or not, the jacks on the 2-NT and the 75S-1 are plug
compatible: sidetone, mute, and antenna. The two radios
work together perfectly without having to make any special
cables, any modifications, or antenna switches. I've made
several contacts on both 40 and 80 meter BA frequencies.

Tom N7TM

Tom Taylor
ttaylor at

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