What are specs on BC-610 plate xmfr?

Gary Pewitt gpewitt at EXECPC.COM
Sun Nov 14 16:33:11 EST 1999

At 09:21 AM 11/14/1999 , Lane Zeitler wrote:
>Trying to find the specs for a BC-610 plate xmfr.
>  Need the primary voltages, secondary voltage and current ratings.
>  Lane

 From my BC-610 manual:

T6 Transformer power: plate type; input 117v, 50 to 60 cyc, single ph 2 wdg
w/taps to provide
5760v ct or 4800v ct, when connected in parallel, and 2880v ct  or 2400 v
ct when connected in
series; one output wdg seed 5760v at 321 ma ct or 4800v at 475 ma ct;
10,000v rms insulation;
  HS metal case; 8 7/32" h x 10 23/32" lg x 9 7/32" wd less term.; 6 solder
lug term. and 3 1/4-20
screw term on bottom; four 3/8-16 studs on 8 3/4" x 7" mtg/c; B&W part #10-87C
Signal Corps part number 2Z9621-205 or 2Z9612.262

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