T15 ARC-5 Transmitters And Phono Oscillators

Robert M. Bratcher Jr. bratcher at PDQ.NET
Sat Sep 11 18:55:51 EDT 1999

 >I wonder if this wasn't a common sight to anybody driving around in a DF
 >van -- kids look up, do a double-take, and immediately run off to dismantle
 >their illicit station, certain that the DF van was sent after them on the
 >direct orders of the President...
 >Mike, KK6GM
 >>One day, we noticed a radio direction finder car stopped at the railway
 >>crossing while were walking home listening to our 6 transistor radio.  We
 >>went into a panic and ran home taking every shortcut we could think of and
 >>took the transmitter off the air.  Then we raced outside and ripped down
 >>antennas, and hid the transmitter in the basement.  Never went on the air
 >>again after that!
 >>In reality, the DF car was likely just driving through town on the main
 >>highway while going somewhere else...

Well the FCC has been taking pirates off the air for quite awhile lately.
Posters are real careful on the alt radio pirate newsgroup about not
telling where they are located.

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