T15 ARC-5 Transmitters And Phono Oscillators

Hue Miller kargokult at PROAXIS.COM
Sat Sep 11 23:32:05 EDT 1999

At 05:55 PM 9/11/99 -0500, Robert M. Bratcher Jr. wrote:
> >I wonder if this wasn't a common sight to anybody driving around in a DF
> >van -- kids look up, do a double-take, and immediately run off to dismantle
> >their illicit station, certain that the DF van was sent after them on the
> >direct orders of the President...

--Yes, paranoia was the common experience, even for those who connected a
25 foot

wire to their Knight Kit Broadcaster, instead of the 10-foot limit as

on the Part 15 Certification Notice pasted on it.

My variation of the "here they come" story is, around 1961 father took the

out to Sand Point NAS Seattle, for 4th of July or some such holiday, to
look at

airplanes, Corps of Engineers tugboats, and exhibits. My brother and I, on

own, were looking at some exhibits in a hangar, one was a liferaft with a

in it, and a CRT-3 lifeboat radio, "Gibson Girl". No one else was in the huge

hangar, and I just couldn't resist going under the rope and cranking the

generator. A long wire antenna led from the radio to somewhere up in the

I cranked the radio for a short while, and having experienced that, decided it

might be wise to vacate that place fast. As we were leaving the hangar,
some kind

of official Navy car was pulling up. We ducked into some kind of Sea Scout

truck ( it had a BC-348 in it! ) and waited til the coast was clear. Actually,

I'm sure the arrival of the Navy car was just coincidence, even if I had

the radio long enuff to lite the filaments, no DFing works quite that fast!


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