Modifying BC-611 radios's et al

Tony Grogan wsno19 at MINDSPRING.COM
Wed Mar 22 16:08:20 EST 2000

Sir, I saw your article on modifying these radio's to accomodate C.B's. As a collector and refurbisher of same, I was concerned
over the destruction of another historical object of WW11 to apparently accomodate the perceived needs of re-enactors and the
observing general public. I certainly favor "re-enactment" and the continuing use of period hardware, however I also feel that trying
to make a 1940's piece of technology into a 1990's communications device is neither honestly representative of the period you
are re-enacting or honest with the public you may be accomodating.

May I suggest that you approach persons who "restore boatanchor radios" and ask them for assistance in "bringing back to life"
many of these older radio's. I truly believe that someone in this group would be glad to assist you with the BC-611 in LEGALLY
putting it back on the air ". I think (forgive me if I am wrong" that there is a < or = ruling on transmitters of 50 milliWatts that
allows unlicensed communications. I suggest you read FCC Part 15?? AND/OR seek assistance in your endeavours with licensed
Radio Amateurs who can legally use these radios on Ham Bands.

As yourself, I am a serious collector. NOT WANTING to DESTROY the intrinsic value of these historical the same time being
mindful of respecting "other people property ownership rights".

I think there is a value in what I suggest AND if a re-enactor comments that "commo is not great" ( maybe not of CB quality!!), then you
can say "DUH!!" wasn't for thos guys 50 years ago...but at least you have the privelege of knowing that FIRST HAND. ( I have'n't taken
4 pounds of steel off my M1 Garand simply to accomodate the "desire" for a lighter rifle!....y'see?)

I wish you a pleasant re-enacting day..........Respectfully, Tony Grogan. 
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