Electrolytic Cap Reforming

JR Linden jrlinden at USA.NET
Thu Aug 9 00:10:31 EDT 2001

I just wanted to add, that I whole heartily agree that replacing them is the
best policy but the question was regarding reforming them with a variac, so
I addressed that.  Another comment I made to the gentleman was that before I
use a "new" cap that's been shelved for a while, is to bring them up on a DC
supply before putting them in.  The initial leakage current on "new" caps is
amazing and they seem to respond to the procedure very nicely.  If the caps
aren't gurbing all over, I like to bring in up on a variac first so I can
see the condition of the radio before I start mass replacement of parts.  I
am not perfect so I've introduced problems that weren't there to begin with
(wrong value, etc, etc).  I would like to also add that these are the kind
of discussions I find the most beneficial in the reflectors.  Like Paul, I
love to learn and I haven't stop doing that in 49 years.  Tnx agn.....JR

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