Help!! My Kenwood is ailing !

Ron Evans cosmos41 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Fri Dec 21 00:45:52 EST 2001

Boat Anchor Crew,

(I'm pretty sure the TS-830S isn't technically a "boat anchor" but I'm
just desperate and hope I'll be forgiven this possibly off-topic post.)

When my TS-830S is first powered up, the digital display doesn't come
on.  After a few minutes it usually comes on with no problem.  Sometimes
rotating the BAND selector from one band to another will cause the
display to come on sooner.  (After it once comes on it works fine with
no glitches at all.)  Any ideas what the problem is and how to correct
it?  I sincerely appreciate any help and advice from the gang.

73 es Merry Christmas,

Ron - K5MVR
K5MVR - Loving the "glow" since 1957
K (Kilo) 5 (Five) M (Mercury) V (Vapor)  R (Rectifier)
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