BAMA update - Part I

Kenneth D. Grimm, K4XL kgrimm at ADELPHIA.NET
Sat Jul 14 12:28:35 EDT 2001

As you can see, thanks to the efforts of many supporters, BAMA continues
to grow at
a fairly steady pace.  The following manuals and other information have
been added to the free BoatAnchor Manual Archive in the last few months.
These and several hundred more can be downloaded from the BAMA web and
ftp sites.

I'm constantly getting requests for solid state gear manuals and also
offers of manuals for such modern stuff.  I simply cannot afford to take
on a major expansion of the BAMA site.  Clearly, there is a need for
another site with solid state manuals for downloading...perhaps a
SkiffAnchor Manual Archive!  How about it?  The need is there and only
partly being filled by the folks at  Someone with a little extra
time on their hands and access to a decent server should take this on.
I would be happy to help get it started, but just can't take it on as an
expansion of BAMA.  Sorry.

If you are having problems with BAMA, it may well be due to the fact
that you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer.  While a similar problem
was solved once before, it seems to have reappeared after our ftp
software was recently updated.  We may be able to get it fixed, however,
if you are in a hurry, I would recommend that you use your favorite FTP
program and go directly to the files.  If you must use a browser, you
should find a substitute for Internet Explorer.  8*)

In addition to the manuals, you may be interested in the neat "Voltage
Reduction" article by Ed Richards, K6UUZ.  It's a fact that the
"standard" voltage that we get out of the wall outlets has been
increasing over the decades.  The increased voltage results in too rich
a diet for some of our most prized BA's.  Ed has given us a simple
solution that can be built from parts in your junkbox or from Radio
Shack and Home Depot.  Check it out at

Finally, before I get to the list, if you upload something to the BAMA
uploads directory, please, please, please send me an email telling me
who you are and what you have uploaded.  Otherwise, I can only credit
the "unknown contributor" as you will see in the last item on the list.
Because of the length this will be continued in Part II.

Ken K4XL
k4xl at
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