Soldering Iron (cheap but good)

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Tue Apr 8 23:42:28 EDT 2003

About a week ago I was in one of those stores that
sell over-runs, etc., called "Big Lots".  This is a
national chain and can be found around many
metropolitan centers.  I came across a 30 watt
soldering iron sold under the brand name "Hobby House"
that had a price tag of $2.98.  This is a 30 watt iron
and comes with a very simple stand.

Since just under $3 wasn't a bad price I bought one of
them.  Frankly, the iron does a very good job of
soldering.  I really think it is a bit more than 30
watts, because it gets hot fast and stays hot while

The first thing that I tried it on was the RCA plugs
that are part of the interconnect cable kits that I
manufacture for various "boat anchor" equipment.  The
plugs soldered much faster than with the 140 watt
Weller soldering gun that I normally use.  Then I
tried it on type "N" connectors installed on RG8/U.
Again it worked quite well.  Next I tried it on
connections in a "boat anchor" receiver.  Again, it
did a very good job.

It comes with a narrow "screw driver" type of tip that
holds "tin" very well.

Anyway, for $3 this particular iron is well worth the
money.  If you happen on it in a "Big Lots" or similar
outlet store, you might want to acquire one.  Frankly,
it works better than several much more expensive irons
that I have used over the years.

Glen, K9STH

Glen, K9STH

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