new research tangent on Richard Florac, the first pager and the Hastings Jr. two-tube pocket fm radio yet they are all related to each other...

John Dilks - K2TQN oldradio at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Sun May 11 18:16:54 EDT 2003

At 02:26 PM 5/11/03 -0700, ed sharpe wrote:
>here is a start of what we have.... check it out.. let me know if any of
>you knew him or  know where a pager is obtainable...
>also need to acquire  some of the old bell by pagers and others too...
>Thanks Ed Sharpe archivist for SMECC

Hi Ed,

What you have is significantly important, but it is not "the first".

Fessenden had a pager back about 1906 he used at Brant Rock.  One instance
of use caused his rescue from within his 430' tower when he was too fat to
get through the trap door at the bottom. They smeared him with (I think)
chicken fat and pulled him through.  Too many oysters in his diet they said!

There are probably others and other stories along the way.  I've heard that
Motorola had something very early too.

73' John Dilks, K2TQN

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