[The WS No19] AM Rig available & P.S. Question.

J. Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Wed Dec 22 13:49:20 EST 2004

The WS 19 HT1 is a nominal +265 VDC. Likely +/- 20 VDC would be safe limits. I don't know the exact draw, but it's under 150 ma with all three sets (A, B, IC) operating.

The B set is a real oddie. It's HT1 is really quite low. The Rx is a uper-regen and I'd be pretty careful about putting it on the air.


Mike Lopez wrote:

> Wow ! Wouldn't that be great! Although, getting it to Ohio would be tough. Definitely a worthy project , and no , do not disassemble !!!
> On a different track, I am still working on the 19 set. I have no supply, so I am working up a mains supply. My question is : On the low B+ , assuming that I might actually use the 'B' set, what minimum / maximum voltage and what current do I need to provide ? I appreciate the help.
> Mike N8AZC

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