[The WS No19] AM Rig available & P.S. Question.

J. Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Wed Dec 22 14:33:43 EST 2004

Mike Lopez wrote:

> Thanks John ! I have a transformer with a 480V C.T. winding , but it is 70 mA
> rated. If I were to use the center tap and parallel the 480 ends, I should end
> up with 240V + a little more if I use a full wave bridge and a good size
> filter cap. Would this get me 140mils and run the set ?Thanks again ,Mike

NO. You don't want to 'parallel the ends" They are 180 degrees out of phase. Use
a pair of diodes and make a FW rectifier.

Also, you might consider a choke input filter. It'd give lower voltage and
better regulation.


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