Best Tube Transceiver? Clarifications

edoc kd4e at ARRL.NET
Sun Mar 28 09:07:10 EST 2004

 >>I need something free of *any* solid state devices whatsoever.
 > Neil McKie wrote:
 >   Meaning no 1N34 diodes in the detector ??

I really appreciate the many suggestions so far -- here is
some discussion of my reasons and preferences to further

I am no "suvivalist" but do live in a high lightning area,
thus EMP is an issue.  Plus I'd just like to own a working
all-tube/no-semiconductor rig.

I like to have something available should all my lightning/
EMP protection systems fail and a surge disable my solid
state gear.  (As we know, should a serious surge get into
the radio room most semiconductor devices in the room, even
disconnected from antenna, power, and shared ground, will
likely fail.  I believe that a tube rig will not.)

I have read the EMP-protection assertions on this site
and will see about getting the report, but I'd like the
extra margin of error that a no-semiconductor rig offers.

I do no know how resilient IN34's are vs a tube device in
the same application.

A receiver-transmitter combo is also an option, even a
military tx-rx combo (? and a R-392) or a transceiver are
worthy of consideration, but they tend to be pricey

The Collins suggestions are fine but way way way outside
of the budget!  (Note: I stipulated something equivalent
to the value of my S-85, SX-99, and R46.  I'd have to
sell my car to afford Collins!)

I am mostly interested in SSB performance, CW tends to always
be an option for every rig, though it is not my preferred mode.

Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e
West Central Florida
Op. Atlas, Drake, Hallicrafters, TenTec ...
p.s. Linux-incompatible hardware is defective!

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