Brian Carling AF4K

Bill Weinel tube_radio at MINDSPRING.COM
Tue May 11 22:25:50 EDT 2004

Hi Wayne,

I can say from experience that Brian (AF4K) is most certainly not a
commercial enterprise. He is a fellow amateur like most of the rest of us...
(and a fine fellow at that I might add!) It just so happens that his current
situation/locale affords him more time to attend swaps, buy, sell, and
haggle than most of us have to devote to the hobby. Consequently he is
always coming up with interesting items to pass on to the rest of us (thus
the large swap page.). He also provides some great services to the Amateur
BA community. One which readily comes to mind is "Brys' Ham Radio Boneyard
Price Guide" (which can be found on his web page.) Brian has devoted a
number of years to this project and has always made the results available
online at no charge for the rest of the Amateur community to use. (You sure
won't find any commercial enterprises willing to do that!)

Like others on the group, I have personally done business with Brian and
have always found him to be a fine and honest fellow.

In light of the flood of replies on this thread, I would hope that in the
future you would be willing to give someone whom you didn't really know the
benefit of the doubt before making unsubstantiated statements about them.
(...or at least take the time to ask a few of the ol'timers first. 8^)
Besides, in the context of an internet message group, the only determination
which matters is that of the moderator.

73 Bill W4WHW

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> Hi All,
> Mr. Brian Carling, AF4K is a commercial operator.  His interests are not
> consistent with the goals of this reflector.  You can visit his

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