Brian Carling AF4K

Tue May 11 22:28:18 EDT 2004

I bought some nice 75 meter and 40 meter AM window crystals from Brian last
night that I otherwise would not have had. I have purchased from Brian before
and his prices are always reasonable. If you will take the time to check his
excellent website you will find he really loves ham radio and the information he
provides there is useful and is a real service to the ham community. The
stuff Brian sells is usually not big ticket items but the kind stuff that no one
could ever get rich on and is sometimes hard to find (like the AM freq crystals
mentioned earlier). Personally I think he does what most of us do only on a
larger scale, he buys and sells to support his hobby and be involved with it
and I ask...what's wrong with that? When you haul a load of stuff you no longer
need to a hamfest to sell do folks walk up to you and accuse you of being
another one of those commercial profiteers only interested in gouging other hams?

Regards, Greg

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