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Ed Swynar gswynar at DURHAM.NET
Sat Oct 16 11:26:17 EDT 2004

Hi Everyone,

Please bear with me whilst I engage both in a bit of shameless self-promotion, AS WELL AS shamelessly promoting a group, my association with which has been most enjoyable lo these many years...! 

Specifically subscribers to the different on-line Reflectors may well recall---back a year, or so, ago---reading about the completion of my last homebrew effort, the 12-tube "QST SUPER-12" 1929-style retro replica superheterodyne receiver...well, I am VERY pleased to report that the Antique Wireless Association has expressed tentative plans to publish an article written on the rig in the new & improved January 2005 issue of "THE OLD TIMER'S BULLETIN" (the official organ of the AWA). It will be complete with a schematic diagram, extensive photographs, a bibliography, etc.---in short, probably anything and EVERYTHING you may have wanted to know about this receiver last year.

If you are at all interested in "oldde tyme" radio---never mind my rig---you really should become a member of the AWA. Their excellent "OTB" magazine is published quarterly, and comes CHOCK FULL of glowbug/antique/homebrew ideas...enough to please most any die-hard fan of rigs that continue to "..glow in the dark" (which is not to take anything away from their solidstate/crystal set features that also appear periodically).

Dues are a mere $20.00 per year (U.S.), & $25.00 elsewhere. Further details may be obtained by writing to:

Joyce Peckham (Secretary),
Box E,
Breesport, New York 14816,

Or, you may e-mail Joyce at awapeckham at 

There is also an Antique Wireless Association website which you can see at It has samples of past "OTB" feature articles, as well as other news & links related to OT electronic goodies...

In the meantime, if anyone would like to see some "teaser" photos of my "QST SUPER-12" rig to refresh your memory, have a peak at 

~73!~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

PS: In case you weren't aware, it's the AWA folks who sponsor the annual "1929 QSO Party" that you may have wondered about while reading recent posts on the Reflectors...

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